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  • Dependency on key employees
  • Business was lacking process for training, sales and operational control
  • Business Owner felt unsure where to take the business
  • Business ran in a disorganized, inefficient way
  • Business worked to document key operating procedures
  • Business owner was shown how to make real changes that would last
  • Owner established strategies and systems that propelled his business into the future and changed his life
I literally could not have accomplished this without your help.
“I was immediately blown away by the extensive, high quality materials that accompanied the program. I really believe that the materials alone are worth the price of the program. I know this sounds like a cliché but I really wish I would have started working with your company years ago and not wasted so many years learning everything the hard way and running my business in a disorganized, inefficient fashion. Thanks again for all the help and I look forward to our future ahead.”Steve Maddox/Anaheim Wheel & Tire


  • Randall & Dewey was looking to improve their business by creating more efficiency in their work processes.
  • They had been suffering with low profit margins and inconsistent results.
  • Overall, the owners were looking for a way to bring discipline and concrete results to their work and business.
  • A completely systematized business which brought consistency and profitability.
  • Thoroughly structured management and communication processes.
  • Created a management team that led the company.
  • The business grew from $8 million to $40 million and was eventually sold netting great profit for the owner.
Thank You
“Now that I am on the cusp of achieving my Primary Aim, I thought it would be appropriate to write and thank you for all that you did to help us develop and implement a strategic vision for our company in a way that allowed me to reach my personal goals. Thank you for making the dream come true for my business and me personally.”Ken Dewey/Randall & Dewey


  • Business was very dependent on the business owner as the sole practitioner doing all the work.
  • No direction or Strategic Plan for the future
  • Business was a job for the owner and not an asset.
  • Developed operational systems to use for training
  • Developed Strategic Plan to grow the business and replace owner as chief practitioner.
  • Hired another chiropractor to perform work creating more free time for the business owner.
  • Managed the business profitability and efficiently.
I highly recommend your service to all my colleagues
“I want to personally thank you for working with me. You have the most outstanding service that I have ever been associated with. I am now finally able to run my chiropractic practice as a business, giving me the freedom I have always desired. I would highly recommend your service to all my colleagues. Feel free to use me as a reference at any time.”Jimmy McCallister/Livermore Chiropractic


  • Owner dreaded coming to work everyday
  • The passion and drive of the business had faded away under the pressure, long hours and lack of momentum.
  • No clear marketing plan
  • No real understanding of how to grow
  • Owner found a new excitement for business through the understanding that he could begin to work “ON” the business strategically, building the business itself and not just doing the work of the business everyday
  • A Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation process was created to proactively grow the business and move it into new markets
Building Business Freedom
“I started this process because I wanted to get more excited about my business. Now I truly know how important it is to focus on building the business itself. Having gone through the marketing process I now see how I can pursue entirely new markets for my business. It is something that I have been thinking about for a long time but never knew quite how to do it. This process has given me a way to go about it and I’m really excited about the opportunities it has opened up for me.”Larry Feinberg/Reliable Energy