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TouchStone will help you transform your company into a more satisfying, 

scalable enterprise with 100% more value.

Train and develop your staff with your documentation. Monitor their completed processes with Control Panels and Reports. Ensure compliance and 

enforce policies.

Improve performance & efficiency with a holistic process hierarchy that drills down to specific work tasks and links every process to a position on your organizational chart, creating position-specific operating manuals for every
box on your org chart.


Outline and create consistent processes with easy to use templates. Access best business practices from our libraries of procedures.

Keep your procedures current and improve process and employee performance with Management Review. Ensure tasks are completed. Review process notes and focus on innovation.


TouchStone makes it easy to consistently document, organize and implement your operating procedures and job descriptions. A process, how to do what you need to do with clear expectations, is always just ‘a click away’.

Using TouchStone, you will identify and organize all of the procedures in your business in a process database. You will create a dynamic organizational chart of all of the positions in your business. And, you’ll link each process to the positions expected to follow those procedures to create clear and manageable position specific operating manuals.

You’ll create a business with complete functional accountability.

 - All of your processes are identified.

 - All of your positions are identified

 - And, all of the processes have been linked to those positions

Click on a position on your org chart to display a current list of all of the processes for that position, and an operations manual specific to your position. Click the process on your job description and all of the elements of the process are clearly identified.

In TouchStone, Job Descriptions and Operating Procedures are fluid, dynamic and organic. They are always current. They are always available. There is no excuse to not follow the clearly documented instructions that explain what needs to happen and how to do it.

As a result, a TouchStone Job Description is used to hire, train, manage and evaluate an employee, and, everything done in your business is done consistently and reliably to a clear set of established expectations.

The TouchStone Business System – Get the business you deserve! 


              “Ten years ago a good friend of mine told me he wanted to sell his business. He said he wanted at least a million bucks for it, to which I replied; For what? His whole business was in his head. I begged, I pleaded, I even offered to pay, if he’d just get together with you and document all that process knowledge. I told him that without that the business was only worth the cash and hard assets – nowhere near a million bucks, maybe a hundred grand on a good day.

Wow, did he get mad. I almost lost a friend over that one.

Now the day has come. He’s had at least a dozen interested parties look at his business. Best offer: $75k. Thirty years of work and all he built was a job. He admits now that he should’ve taken my advice but for him it’s too late.

Documenting business processes helps create a business that works, but it also creates business value. Given the demographics, this is a major Why.

I wanted to share this story with you because it shows how important The TouchStone Business System is – literally the difference between a job and a business, success or "failure”.

Best to you – JB”



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